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We have engineered a unique and extensive menu for everyone to enjoy!

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About Us

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Locally sourced products

Dedicated to the people of our community, Juny Café is your local coffee house.
We work with many vendors from our community and beyond to bring your favorite local products in one, unique place. Come and enjoy various local drinks and food, while also having the opportunity to shop goods from your best local artisan.


Our unique ambiance

Inspired from our personal backgrounds, tastes, and influences, we have created a rich, diverse, but yet cozy and relaxing environment for our guest and our community to enjoy. This is the perfect place to meet up with friends, organize work meeting, or simply try to catch some alone time in our crazy schedules around a great cup of coffee and a book.

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Our efficient pickup window (coming soon)

On-the-run? Going to school, work? No worries, we got you covered! Thanks to our pickup window, you can order ahead online on junycafe.com and come pickup your favorite food and drinks while staying in your car! Click below to start ordering.

want to make a difference?

Your local merchandise shop:

Juny Café isn’t just coffee! We partner with many other vendors to bring all types of goods in our shop. We also aim to provide artisans with a physical retail platform for to sell their products.

 You may have seen and enjoyed some of those products at the flea, and you will discover other hidden gems from our local community and beyond!

Our Story

This story can only begin with the “true coffee shop owner”
of this adventure. June Carter, aka “Juny”, is Danielle’s (and now Mickael’s by adoption) most precious companion. Juny is by extension everything that we always wanted our coffee shop to represent: love, kindness, selflessness, service…. and sweetness of course!

Juny’s mother, Danielle, is originally from Wooster, Ohio. Danielle started working as a barista while studying interior design at Ohio State University. Working as a barista has always been one of her favorite working experiences which first made her dream to one day open her own café. After graduating from Ohio State, Danielle worked over 20 years in the design industry, both in residential and commercial. 

Strong of her experience in design, her passion for coffee, and her love to serve others, Danielle has let her inspiration create our beautiful and unique space for all our community to escape reality for a little while.

Originally from France, Mickael has served as the women’s tennis coach for Youngstown State University since 2013. Mickael also co-own a tennis club in France with his sister.


Loving entrepreneurial experience and having developed deep connections with the community over the past 10 years, Mickael has been wanting to create a venture in our valley.

A few years ago, Danielle moved from Columbus to Austintown. Danielle and Mickael immediately noticed the lack of a nice and relaxing local coffee shop on this side of town. Juny agreed, and this is when the dream started to develop.


A few years later, Juny Café is born! 


We Are Ready to Treat You

We are proud to have a chance to serve this community. Come visit us soon!

Owner - manager - Barista
Owner - Barista

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